I really enjoyed the show you did like this with plenty of Russian speaking, which I see you are learning, nevertheless , please don't correct the hardworking Interpretors....

Good work Sir, rock on...

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I grew up watching you,

as the Kill a Commie guy,

i watched you in Iraq.

my Japanese grandmother was in Hiroshima,

So on a personal level I thank you for what you are doing.

Never thought you would be standing on the side for peace, in Russia

there are few people who have the integrity to do what you are doing,

wow... must be an astonishing time there.

Speaking for peace in Russia. envious.

I'm be blown away.

I'm Canadian living in an area with a lot of Banderist support...

your hosts,

Thank them Deeply

all of Them,

... from my Wife, and Myself.

We am deeply impressed with what they have done, doing the imposable.


keep up the broadcasts, killer stuff

Rae Kubota

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I have supported Scott before 2003 because I always supported the work of the inspectors to “let them complete their job and since Israel has nuclear weapons how come the UN doesn’t get to inspect that nation’s nuclear facilities? Rules must be applied for all because even primates know when something is unfair and violence or acting out shall occur if everyone does not cooperate. From Scott’s reports my gut told me that Iraq had no WMD’s only an excuse which always can be engineered to break rules.

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Very interesting. I was an eye witness to the events of 9/11 in NYC. I remember how much you tried to nail down the lies about the WMDs in Iraq. I too was against the war on Iraq, which now has been acknowledged as one of the illegal wars by the successive US regimes.

Keep up the good work. Regards, Jagdish Keshav (Journalist & Author)

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Why do so many people in the Uk not want to find out the truth about Russia and Ukraine. Very depressing. Thank you Scott for your valiant efforts.

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reply to your Episode. 66...about fish tradition in the movie...:)

Fish and “ Moscow doesn’t believe in tears”movie.

You know how you think movie at cinema, automatically popcorn comes to your mind?

You know how in Italy they say espresso you have to drink…hot, seated, in good company?

Fish has same meaning, its more of a ritual/tradition.

Imagine, you want to meet with good friend, or not even friend, person you just met like in that Russian movie. You need to talk, you know it wont be short talk, you have something in common to talk about.What automatically comes to your mind and makes you talk? Alcohol.

Alcohol on its own, not fun. You need appetizers or "Snack". USA/ CANADA – people go to restaurant, bloat themselves on a beer, get burger – you eat/drink all that in 5 min.

That’s it ..party /talk is done.

Here comes Russian ritual :)…fish. You take a vodka shot, you need something to snack on – what could last long, beside dill pickle - salted, cured fish. It takes time to clean, as you clean, you talk with your friend for hours.

Best for you, find yourself a good company while in Russia, get a drink and start peeling that fish :) ….days will pass by like a blink of an eye and you won’t notice because you enjoyed your time THAT much. Language might be a bit of a barrier. But…You will answer your own question…what is this fish about and why its in Russian tradition.

If Russians will invite you to Sauna/Bath house – it is hot there, not a joke. Hopefully your heart pressure is low 😊. The other tradition…the other great movie to watch – “The Irony of fate or Enjoy your bath!”. Stay safe. Thank you for speaking up and believing in right things!

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Dear GOAT of all Weapons Inspectors,

I am surprised and alarmed to learn there are 'security concerns' about your itinerary in Russia to promote your book on peace and nuclear arms control between the worlds nuclear 'superpowers'. Wtf? Are there Russians who oppose nuclear arms control and/or your analysis on the conflict in Ukraine? .. . you could have stayed home for lots of that.

Can't imagine any prominent Russian writers doing a book tour in the U.S. right now .. hell, FM Lavrov can barely get a timely visa to attend official UN functions in NYC.

Would love to hear what your young daughter, Vicka (sp?) has to say about all of this. My own daughter, who had her first child last Feb. just before the Russian 'SMO'*, recently suggested at a lunch with her younger sister 'Dad is Pro Putin'. It was not, necessarily, a condemnation of my 'views' - she respects my opinions - more like a question; 'how could dad support [that evil] Putin'? I briefly explained I was more Pro Peace .. . and

That touched off some extended correspondence that continues today. My daughter is very accomplished at everything she does, and I have little doubt she will come to the appropriate, rational and inescapable conclusion(s) given the untrammeled 'facts' about U.S. involvement in Ukraine.

*re. 'SMO' In retrospect, I'm no 'Marine' or expert on 'firepower and maneuver' , but I'm convinced that initial Russian military 20-30k single column 'attack on Kiev' was a show of force designed to get someone - ANYONE - willing and able to negotiate peace in Ukraine .. . clearly, no one is listening.

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Zelensky has now fled to Finland...

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Zelensky has now fled to Finland...

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Have a nice time on lake Bikal old boy. Its a lovely part of Russia.!

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I have some interesting article on Battle of Bulge that connected Scott's uncle and my mentor. How to deliver?

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Camilla Brodersen from Denmark asked about the fish... A little mix-up with a few scenes in the movie, but the break down of the "dried fish" scene: Nikolai tries to convince Gosha with help of alcohol that Katerina did not intentionally conceal the fact that she had a higher status in society, that it was a misunderstanding. When Gosha tries to soften up the hardened fish by banging it over the edge of the table (archaic tradition), worried neighbors peek in the room thinking Nikolai is "killing" Gosha. Nikolai puts his hand over the fish to stop the banging/noise as he addresses the neighbors. In this scene, the fish simply complements heavy drinking by the working class. It is usually referred to as "vobla," which broadly is any salt-cured dried fish, an affordable soviet era snack, traditionally used by the commoners and working class. In the west, the closest example might be beef jerky. Hope this helps.

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I am not surprised about the genuine human love (and) kindness you are experiencing, or about the way Russians have opened up their hearts to your tour.

I think the current Zeitgeist of the world reflects a repressed, yet profound yearning for personal security and for sustained international peace. That Zeitgeist will keep you safe - after all, history has laid hands on you, as the man who can best explain to - East and West - why disarmament is an essential prerequisite for a peaceful world and for our continued survival. That and the love you describe.

In the words of Leonard Cohen: "Every heart, every heart / To love will come / But like a refugee"

and also: "I've seen the nations rise and fall / I've heard their stories, heard them all / But love's the only engine of survival."

In Solidarity,

Klaus Offermann

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