Question for Ask the Inspector:

This whole idea of a new arms control movement/agreements might be not so popular among the Russians. Understandably, Kinzhal, Poseidon, Sarmat (and the unknown rest) make the West very nervous atm and probably even willing to enter into negotiations with Russia. Russia, on the other hand, seems to be a decade ahead of the USA/NATO in terms of the strategic arms and missile defenses. Why do you think a million Russians would go on the streets to demand what could be seen - from a Russian point of view - as some kind of another "Minsk agreement" scheme to buy time for USA/NATO to catch up with Russia, the nation they still would certainly want to destroy at any given opportunity?

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Critical thinking?! What planet are living on, Kevin? In our society these words are mutually exclusive. It seems to me, my good sire, that you totally forgot that we live in Orwellian world for many years. Remember Ministry of Truth? War is Peace? You live now in the country where critical thinking is encouraged and have pretty good advantage, which allows you to write your wonderful articles.

Keep up good work Mr. Kevin! :)

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Kevin, I just paid tribute to Common Sense and Critical Thinking.


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Excellent, well timed article Kevin, thank you.

It would seem that wisdom has been thrown away along with all its normal partners! Instant gratification, having our thinking done for us by our 'super-caring', unelected-elected-(does-it-even-matter-any-more-?)-overlords, and strict adherence to 'thou-shalt-not-question-the-MSM-Gov-Corps' are the order of the day, enforced by the ever-increasing wokeness of idiots who beleive they are right, because other woke idiots told them they are awake, when in fact all of them are deeply asleep, and just dreaming they are awake.

Is there any better example of "the blind leading the blind" than this politically militarized wokeness we are all being subjected to? I think not.

Critical thinking is the ONLY real protection against this pandemic of madness, along with good research skills, and a healthy dose of properly targetted cynicism.

That however won't stop the woke agenda, as narcicists only ever double-down, and the greater the oppostion, the greater their denials. Narcicists beleive their own lies with a faith that makes religous faith look weak, and against that, no amount of logic, wisdom, or common-sense can prevail.

It is high time that we made sure that we teach our children critical thinking and investigative skills, as these form the foundation of a great many skill-sets in life. Too many of us, and too many of our children have been robbed of this faculty, by a system which increasingly tells us to submit to the warm embrace of ignorance and obedience.

I think that what we are experiencing globally, is the rise and rule of narcicism and narcicists.

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Personally, I don’t find Jeff’s wine lists entertaining. I find them time-consuming and I don’t have a lot of time.

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Are there any courses in the high school system that teach critical thinking and common sense to children? These are life skills and I’ve run across several people lately that seem to have neither.

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As I speak the truth, I do not have to worry about the lie-detector, unless it is rigged as the elections, lol!

Do not thrust in me, Tarzan/BullShip Fighter, trust me instead!

In other words, SUPPORT me buying the Luxury Special Limited Edition of Iceland In Bloom, including exclusive high-quality videos and pictures, which is only exclusively available for 20 dollars, 4 cups of coffee, or pizzas on my page!

Who wants to get distracted from the really hot and bloody massacre in Ukraine? I mean to chill the fook out in Iceland, for real!

To cool off the scorched-earth war erotica, the Luxury Special Limited Edition of Iceland In Bloom must be yours, it wants you, it is dying to have you. Yes, you!


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Little off the subject matter my first response OK my elders you to say don't believe everything you read or hear....and a photo is worth a million words.Well not anymore technology on steroids and just amigine when (A i) becomes a norm and integrated into every day mainstream society .Like the old 🎵 song goes times are a changing ... The way I see this country chucking along and for the past two decades and chain of events not sure if this old train can continue to pull this unbelievable and ridiculous over load. Question is who will be driving the train...

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Feb 12·edited Feb 12

Thank you Kevin. People really need to learn how to apply "filters". But there is one thing: your common sense as an adequate person will be considered as "nonsense" by someone with total opposite views. You mentioned "ghost of Kiev". How about a grandmother who shoot down a Russian drone with a can of pickles(according to Elensky)? Ukrainian telegram channels were filled with "hoorays" to this grandma. Idiocy in the modern day world took over and so far is winning.

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Creepy Yo has me heavily sanctioned though I have not done anything to him, or anybody.

It is all his fault I have to look for food in the jungle and end up in Iceland, causing the Great Flood, whoops!


And the CIA plays stupid pretending they do not see my SOS sign on the beach, Z that? That See Ya!


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What is or is not the truth ? Fortunately there are still good honest trustworthy people all over the world 🌎. Unfortunately many have put there trust in outhers that they thought were right for the job or position as leaders to insure positive outcomes...As time progress We as hard working honest tax paying United States citizens are seeing that many erected national or state leadership is driving the train head on into a another train .Why I ask we'll simply put self indulging self centered individuals with one mission to deceive and twist the facts .Whats really hilarious to me that they many in positions of leadership really think many of us actually believe what there doing or saying is fact...Freedom of the press and people such as yourself that are dedicated and concerned and report and definitely share the truth of what's really going on..thank you all that continue to share with the American people factual news and reports the truth and nothing but the truth...And thank Scott Ridder and Norman and all involved to make it possible that we the people have and hopefully continue to be kept informed of the facts "Again thank you."!..

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In all due respect, Scott, I just think of this as "Republican humor" nothing more. It shows people have little respect for the aging Joe as he flaunts his folksy grandpa gaffes on a daily basis. What is most worrying is that apparently the DNC can find no one to run against the next Republican challenger, no matter who it may be. They are apparently stuck with old reliable Joe. Democrats seem happy with the status quo, which is itself appalling. The attitude now is: "look everybody! We have full employment! Who cares about the rest of the world?"

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Scott & Jeff Norman,

Regarding ‘Ask the Inspector’ episode 44:

My own personal opinion is this is getting to be too much about Jeff Norman and wine. I suppose I’m out in left field and I’m not really complaining, I can always go to other Telegram Scott Ritter shows regarding Ukraine, Russia, etc., and I do, and I have, but it seems that Jeff Norman has taking over the Scott Ritter Show, with excuses why that should be so. Not buying it, nor the wine. I’ll be listening to the other Scott Ritter shows that are less concerned with with chitter-chatter about wine, microphones, dogs, etc. etc.

The bottom line is that I hate to see Scott Ritter being taken advantage of.

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Nice analyses. I personally knew the man who designed the "star and bars" insignia on all U.S. Military aircraft since 194*3*. So I sse pictures of our fighter planes at the battle of Midway (1942) with the insignia-- right?

I still cannot get over what I rcently watched (Youtube) Mr. Biden do to you in the Iraq Senate hearings where he referred to you as "ol' Scottie Boy" and explained to you your pay grade. He was having a brief [clinical, not metaphorical] psychotic episode there, like he continues to do on aoccasion. I didn't copy i but in his remarks about China in his recent State of hte Union address he said something that literally did not make sense in the English language. I collect pctures of him from the Internet which Ido not believe are fakes.

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