If you showed a modicum of respect I’d let you do what you’re so obviously doing—promoting your substack by attacking me.

But you don’t.

So either stop your rants, or you’ll be removed.

You’re welcome to disagree, and offer up contrarian commentary.

But the self-promoting rants must stop.


Scott Ritter

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Dec 8, 2023·edited Dec 8, 2023

As stated. Well written, a good read. Bravo.

Once the very wealthy and powerful lived well by taking a slice, not too big a slice, of the American Pie. A pie whose components were created and baking done by many others. Often with little more than adequate compensation. While not everyone rose to the top or even got on the pathway to the top, most everyone felt they had a decent chance. But best of all, other's respected their work, their contribution.

But that America is long, long gone. Now, Wealth comes entirely from who you know, your tribe, and how the Government protects your business from annoying Competition. Nearly every, but not all, Billionaires and the power they exercise, comes from Monopoly or near Monopoly, where Government and Banking (kept alive by the Government Creature, the Federal Reserve) checkmate the eager, but not anointed.

The world of Tom Joad would be hard to replicate in today's Bureaucratic Stultification of small enterprise. Yet Big Business thrives from the Government Barriers to new entrants.

And I have to call you out, Scott. Joe Biden is not and never was a Salesman. Joe Biden was always a Low Level Thug, carrying the Water for others for a price.

There was a Sales saying that fits Biden. "Yesterday I couldn't spell SALESMAN. Now I are one."

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Dec 9, 2023·edited Dec 9, 2023

“I have spent my life trying to be that guy—the one who comes to mind when it is time for good to fight evil. Whether as a Marine, a weapons inspector, a firefighter, or a citizen activist, the cry of those in fear and/or in need became my clarion call.”

“Fire fighter”? I spent 30 years as a career firefighter (after 8 years as an ARNG ABN RGR LRRP: quit in disgust of the lies that got us into the first Gulf War).

Pat Tillman was another man of integrity who tried “to be that guy.” 21 years ago, Pat Tillman told his mother that Rachel Corrie [crushed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza] was his hero. "That’s my hero,” Pat said. “She was a stud; she had a lot of guts” ( 2010 "The Feral Firefighter" blog post ""That's My Hero" -- Pat Tillman, Rachel Corrie, and Yoni Netanyahu)

Here's the quote for my pen name: "Patience, Montag. Our civilization is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge. Remember the firemen are rarely necessary. You firemen provide a circus now and then … but it's a small sideshow indeed, and hardly necessary to keep things in line. So few want to be rebels anymore." -- Ray Bradbury, “Farenheit 451"

P.S. Springsteen's “Youngstown” is another great song off that album. I was born just outside that city: "Well my daddy come on the Ohio works when he come home from World War Two. Now the yard's just scrap and rubble, he said "Them big boys did what Hitler couldn't do." ... We sent our sons to Korea and Vietnam, now we're wondering what they were dying for"

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You are a most gifted writer. This, I believe, comes from something powerful and loving working through you to encourage, incite and inspire others. Cool to be a part of this during our time of unfolding revelation.

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Damn Scott, you're one hell of a writer! When I first heard the Springsteen/Morello song I replayed it a few times because it was so powerful. You have the stature to call up Dennis Kucinich and convince him to run on a peace party ballot that includes Jill Stein and Cornel West. All three share the basic political belief with Martin Luther King that we need to increase social services and pay for it with cuts in the military.

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O my god, I love you so much Scott. You are the embodiment of a true American—practically born on the Fourth of July. I have loved my country thru thick and thin but lost my “it gives me chills”patriotism when they killed Kennedy. I’ve been a rebel and a protester and an in your face activist ever since, often in great despair for what we—the US—has wrought in the world. But on Dec 7th, Hamas liberated me and it has done so primarily by having you talk about and analyze what they have done and are doing to our Empire in West Asia. Your talks and arguments and incredibly moving claims of being an American have knocked down the grief and ennui I’ve carried since Bush the Shrub bombed the Towers. (Yes, I’m one of those, tho I respect that you are not) Thank you for your work, your heavy lifting, your beautiful patriotism, for your unflagging commitment to the Great American Dream. I sure as hell wish I could vote for you. In fact, I think I will anyway. Just write you in. You and Rashida Tlaib, the most amazing woman in Congress. I’ll call it the Tom Joad party and put you both in for Pres and vice Pres and you two can figure out who wants to do what. And your Russian wife for Secretary of State!!!!

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Great writing from a passionate man!!👏🏻💕☮️🙋‍♂️

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The Depression was created by the Psychopathic Capitalists who will never be happy unless most people are broke and willing to work for peanuts. Buckminster Fuller was right when he said we now have the means to provide a good standard of living for everyone. But the psychopaths in Epstein's little book cannot be satisfied, and until we get them out of the driver's seat we will remain in hell.


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Springsteen was of course inspired by that great troubadour and champion of the downtrodden, Woody Guthrie who closed 'The Ballard of Tom Joad' with these words, spoken by Tom Joad,

Everywhere that you look, in the day or night,

That's where I'm a-gonna be, Ma,

That's where I'm a-gonna be.

Wherever little children are hungry and cry,

Wherever people ain't free.

Wherever men are fightin' for their rights,

That's where I'm a-gonna be, Ma.

That's where I'm a-gonna be."

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What a creative analogy...Willy Loman and Joe Biden, the fabulists propagating the myth of the American Dream.

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❤️Wage Peace,

⭐️Keep the Faith



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Also, Bruce Springsteen is a sell-out.

He looks like the CEO of some evil corporation.

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I served for almost 30 years in the military and subsequently in explosives safety and risk management I've always tried to be a Tom Joad and it inevitably draws a lot of fire because people see a display of values and ethics that force them to confront their own failings. You've been steadfast and uncompromising in following your moral compass, been targeted and through a personal hell that would have broken most of us.

I follow everything you do and you sir, are a genuine inspiration to me and many others,

I salute you, Scott Ritter. 🫡

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Epic! A great article Scott, thank you!!

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I appreciate what you wrote , I’m Australian so lucky for me I was never sold the lie that to be poor is the fault of self nor was I led to believe that Governments can be trusted, we Australians have a healthy respect for the disrespect of those in power until they prove themselves otherwise . It seems to me that American politics no longer reflects a 2 state system but a triumvirate with Israel at the helm and until that ends you can cue Hank Williams “ the lonesome whistle “ to play on repeat …

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Remarkable connection Tom Joad–Willie Loman– Joe Biden. Sadly, the United States no longer produces the likes of Tom Joad except maybe as a wolf of wall street and that's not the same thing at all.

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