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Well, to be succinct times have changed, but I agree it would be nice for Poland to see the light of day in regard to what is going on in their own backyard. There was a lot of fear and angst back in the 60's which preceded JFK and his change of perspective in regard to Russia, and adopting an attitude of getting along. Poland went with the flow, but now it's not upstream, but down a dark and disgusting path set forth by a neocon agenda that no doubt doesn't give a damn about Poland, like those Ukrainians they pretend to care about.

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My inlaws, John and Cecilia Glowczak, emigrated from Poland in 1962. Cecilia was fluent in German, and John was fluent in Russian. Both knew precisely where Poland was stuck geographically - strategically damned in war, but perfectly situated for Peace.

I fail to understand why the logic of negotiation and strategic friendship (if only by getting along) cannot overcome the emotional, thinly concealed hatred that permeates most of Eastern Europe.

It is Germany that must stand up and accept that they have a Responsibility, after Russia/Soviets released Eastern Germany into the arms of Western Germany, to keep the Peace in Eastern Europe. For Germany, as well as Poland, has much to gain from rapprochement with Russia, yet incalculable losses from unchecked belligerence.

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Thanks, Major Ritter for the WHOLE video of Mr. Biden's anti-Putin rant. I only had the second half and didn't know where he said it. This man needed a strong shot of emergency antipsychotic medication.

He has said he has trouble with words but was a kid "who could always carry a ball", by which he meant a football but now he has the nuclear launch codes.

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Dear Scott, thank you for publishing this great post by Mike Krupa.

Dear Michael, what a beautiful call to action.

I could not agree more, and have felt strongly since his announcement that RFK Jr. has the opportunity to make important statements by presenting himself at strategic and symbolic locations. He did just that in Berlin during the lockdowns, and his speech was heard around the world.

Warsaw is certainly a great location right now. JFK and RFK's tomb at the Eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery is another. The site of the old Ambassador Hotel is another. The General Assembly in NYC this fall and WHO headquarters are other great opportunities.

The list could go on and on.

One of the restrictions on his movements, I fear, is security. Having recently been denied Secret Service protection (not that it did any good for his relatives), his security costs must be astronomical, and the issues very real. This is a journey only the man himself can walk, and so while we can dream, we must also understand the risks he faces, and be willing to do what we can to walk beside him.

In addition, there can be no single point of failure in this movement. No king too easily killed, no nail that sticks too far out, beckoning the hammer. This movement must belong to the people, to the Gods, to the world and to the future.

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Poland has never shown much interest in peace since they joined NATO.

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"Poland is a satellite government, but the Poles are not a satellite people. We have no right, unless we are prepared to meet our commitments, to incite them to national suicide.”

How many countries have allowed themselves to be a tool for empire just so that their politicians can be parrots for fame and salaries?

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My prediction: Russia ain't going to give up what it has. So eastern Ukraine becomes part of mother Russia again! And Poland usurps western Ukraine and becomes NATO protected. The Easterners will be happy and unbiased apon. The westerners will have their beloved NATO security.

But most of all America had a double win. Another 1/2 nation to sell arms too. And LNG being sold to western Europe at a premium price compared to cheaper gas that was being supplied by Russia.

*All's well that end's well*

The Minsk agreement would have been a better deal. With no deaths or destruction. But Biden didn't like that deal

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We surely need to take a higher path than those who insanely call for actions that will only end with the extinction of our species and the entire planet. Those same people are trapped in a mideval mindset of perpetual wars, plague, and fuedal backwardness. There is no bottom to this downward spiral of Malthusianism and the misery it breeds. Only by returning to the higher concept of agape can we regain our definition and purpose as human beings. Once done we will undoubtedly create perpetual peace with energy dense scientific and technological progress for which we are better suited for.

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Scott, I just sent this essay to the RFK campaign. I told them that you were the best qualified person for Ambassador to Russia that I could imagine. I hope they listen to me and give you a call.

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Is the US preparing for war in Niger making an opportunity to to thwart any possibility for Russia to help that impoverished nation? The recent statements from States and President Biden are not reassuring.

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I apologize. I should have said great article Mr. Krupa. But thank you Mr. Ritter for posting it. (Addendum to my above post).

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Great article Mr. Ritter. I see RFK, Jr. as the only candidate that has spoken on how we need to seek peace and end this proxy war in Ukraine before it is too late. And what I mean by too late is the end of civilization as we know it.

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Great article Mr. Ritter. I see RFK, Jr. as the only candidate that has spoken on how we need to seek peace and end this proxy war in Ukraine before it is too late. And what I mean by too late is the end of civilization as we know it.

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And Scott Ritter, YOU also went into SBU-Ukraines trap, dosnt matter if your right or wrong in this case (i strongly believe you are right). But all your focus on this Gonzo BS takes away focus from the importent stuff, Gonzo is a tool as you say. This article proves that also Scott Ritter has fallen for SBU Ukraine, engaging in pointless discussions abaut Gonzo, wich is as Scott writes , splitting thoose who is against Ukraine.

Scott did the right thing at first, NOT COMMENTING ON IT, but know he is doing excatly what SBU Ukraine want. I thought Scott would have learned something from reading abaut Putin, when Putin dislike someone (Navaljy) he dos not even mention hes name, seldom discusses the case. Scott , learn from the master (Putin))

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I been for days trying to tell this both on youtube and on the duran forum at locals, ofcourse not with this much explanation.

But Liras first attack came after Scott Ritter came with hes statement, the western billions of $ in military aid, is a gamechanger, that was proven to be correct. Many so called analyst at that time, Brian, Alex, Alexander and Gonzo + sevral others, ment this was wrong. So it was clear to me already back then, the goal was to discredit and make people distrust Scott Ritter.

The bild up did happen, after the western help happen, the attack came at fall, most analysts and commentator fell into the trap sett by Gonzo/SBU Ukraine. Ofcourse one of SBU Ukraines main target was to discredit the best analyst when it comes to the war, Scott Ritter, and it that respect Gonzo did a good job.

Also in Alexander defense, he has on several show, said he find many of Gonzos choices out of order and not logical, and he want to help the human Gonzalo Liras.

Alexander still is by far the best geopolitical analyst out there, and he even called Prighorzin out at least a week before Scott Ritter did. Witch made me rejoin the Duran on Locals (Alexander was so bad when he tried to predict military stuff, but hes good at reporting at it). So i do hope The Duran and Scott Ritter still will do shows together.

Dont let SBU Ukraine beat you all.

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This is for Scott Ritter:

Hi Scott, I fully agree with your analysis of Gonzalo Lira and posted on sub-stack a comment.

I received an interesting reply (see below) that looks credible to me:

David Otness -- Writes David’s Newsletter

Lira's grandfather and father both were Chilean Naval Intelligence bigwigs. I watched Lira himself (an all cleaned up and suave version) on YouTube extol the virtues of Gen Augusto Pinochet and laugh about democratically-elected Chilean President Salvador Allende's coup and subsequent demise.

How do you spell fascist?

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