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Hi from Portugal! It's been a pleasure to learn so much from your content. Some opinions and approaches have led to some research. So much information🤯. Thanks for your hard work

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Great analogy--high-water mark of the Confederacy; Pickett's Charge coming soon.

Excellent analysis. Thanks for your voice of reason among constant babble of the nattering neocon war-mongers.

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Excellent article.

The American Congressional - Military - Financial Complex is well on its way to achieving it's objective.

The destruction of European economic power, purchase of fire-sale (profitable) distressed European assets, major sale of old US military gear overseas. The debt to be repaid by Europe & Ukraine over the next 75 years.

The European countries will come to their senses in the end and sign a mutually acceptable security treaty. One by one.

Hungary will likely lead the way.

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Hey i just Subscribed and donated, but is it to Scott or to Substack? Btw. I also want to buy and read two of the books, are they really out of Stock( dont want to Support Amazon). Oh and byw thank you veryx1000 much for your analysis full of integrity. V

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Your the best Scott, love listening to Ask The Inspector

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Highly commendable Work. Keep going. But remain safe. The fight against the unipolar world needs you.

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What do you think of Jeffrey Sachs?

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Scott, outstanding analysis, as usual.

Your courage in telling the truth no matter the consequences is truly inspiring.

Have you heard back from our illustrious Senators from New York concerning your letter to them on being placed on the Ukrainian government’s “hit list” funded with US tax dollars? I’m thinking they’ve treated you like Twitter, for some reason, i.e., ignored you.

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Thank you and FYI:

Jacob Dreizin – Oct. 13 – Racism in Ukraine


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Hi Scott,very honest account of NATO <Ukrainian-Russia created conflict.i might be wrong but it appears to me this is going to eng just Afghanistan s' long brutal War with the Collective West loosing badly

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Scott, you’re my favorite commentator on the web, bar none, but I disagree with you strongly about Israel.

‘Peace Now’ died a deserved death when confronted by reality. Fact is, there is little common ground. The Arab world in general, including the Palestinians, wants Israel gone, and its Jews with it.

Maybe you should refer to the Koran, because it’s anti-Jewish, anti-infidel dogma is still being taught / followed in all Muslim (Arabs) societies.

Regarding individual Arabs, obviously there are exceptions that prove the rule. But Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. all have (effective, intimidating, deadly) enforcement mechanisms against even their own, cf. Salman Rushdie.

Rushdie is my husband’s look alike, could be his body double. I’ve worried for decades that my husband would be assassinated. Note that Rushdie himself came thisclose.

Prove that I’m wrong. You can’t.

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Thank you -- a balanced summary by an expert.

Let’s hope that current events in Kherson region will be positive fir its population which now finally lives in Russia again.

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Tenho tido avisos de que está um vídeo de Scott Ritter para eu ver no meu telemóvel e quando tento abrir há uma msg no ecrã a dizer que foi removido pelo remetente.

Por favor pode dizer-me se é censura do fb ou se é o Scott Ritter que me está a impedir de o ouvir. Gostaria de ter o favor duma resposta na medida em que aprecio muito a sua opinião e todo o seu trabalho. Parece-me haver algum mal entendido com Scott Ritter. Muito obrigada.

Maria Teresa

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Hi, thank u for trasmition from battlefield not just news, but knowledge for possibilty to use brain to grasp why it s going like that

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F y i I transcribed a classic talk you gave w R mGovern and Garland in one of my stacks when I had those days and days to give...

May be two talks?

Check it out, stands test of time

Tis in my substack a ways back...

From start of war.

You are the man.

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Hello Scott.

Glad to see you on substack, you are a good man.

Grasshopper Kaplan


Born in Moscow

us citizen ...

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