I am super pissed that this speech will not be heard. I’ve seen the fights Scott has had. I’ve seen the agents who try to subvert his work. I’ve seen Scott even momentarily think he didn’t do his all. But that was a moment. This is a fight that hits to eternity. God we need a specific change. A Marine invoking the great Dr. MLK Jr--- A Warrior invoking the warrior of non-violent resistance. If it’s come to this, we all must stand and be counted. Damn people needed to hear this.

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Russia won WWII, the United States was on the winning side.

The CIA has been funding NAZIS since the conclusion of WWII, and this practice continues today, in the open, with all branches of the United States Government participating.

Smooth speaking and well dressed thugs and criminals are running this country and many other countries in the World.

Russia stands on the moral high ground and if there is a Supreme Being, will prevail in Ukraine, for the sake of humanity and all that is good.

Mr. Ritter, I cannot imagine how difficult a decision this must have been for you.

I extend profuse thanks and appreciation to you for everything you are doing in the public sphere.

I applaud and thank you for your success implementing the I.N.F. Treaty.


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A worthy speech. A sad day that it did not see the light of day at the demonstration.

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Thanks! You may translate it into any language you see fit.


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I'm sorry to hear this. It is vastly unfair since you, Scott Ritter, have been one of the first, loudest and most concise and honest voices against this war with the most insight and information. It's not right that you should not be heard.

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It would have been a remarkable speech delivered with passion and authenticity!

Powerful words that should be heard by every peace loving person.

It's both tragic and very sad that you are unable to attend the rally.

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the rally (& what is left of the US anti-war movement) will suffer from you being replaced with replicants like Hinkle. i would say the organizers should be ashamed of themselves but i doubt they're capable of that - was already on the fence about attending after hearing what happened when some of the organizers tried to add basic tenets of bodily autonomy to the resolutions (how can we prevent our government from waging war on the foreign enemy du jour when we allow it to wage war on our own bodies using military countermeasures packaged as "healthcare"?), & the more i learn about this event the more i'm glad i didn't book transportation. how the hell do we turn this around? if this is the best showing the "anti-war" "movement" can muster? i've seen how the embodiments of mediocrity always rise to the top in activist movements - thanks to intelligence agency funding they can always afford to spend more time & energy on unrewarding tasks than those who have to put food on the table - but is it possible to break loose from that paradigm when people willingly stick their heads in the proverbial lion's mouth again & again, clamoring for the next capital-H Hero to lead them into battle because it would never occur to them to take on the enemy themselves?

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Politicizing these movements is a horrible idea on the behalf of the organizers. In doing so, they have sown the seeds of their own division, thus stopping a populace movement in its tracks.

Sadly, I cannot attend as plane tickets have become ridiculously expensive and I simply do not have the funds.

The fact that you are choosing not to attend helps me come to terms with my own decision to save my money so that I may use it to benefit our rallying cry in my own way.

I stand with you in solidarity Scott and I thank you.

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Dear Mr. Ritter, I hope that this unspoken speech will still reach many people. You see, I read you as a Hungarian, and your writing fills me with hope that there are still decent people overseas who think in terms of peace and do not want to use bomber planes to force what has become a mockery of democracy onto the planet! Here in Europe, we have already lived through a big war twice, twice our country was destroyed and torn into pieces, and the greater part of our country's territory was stolen by great powers. One of which was the USA ! Unfortunately, your great country used the strength that came from the diligence of the hard-working American workers, the latter did not advocate for peace, but rather the abominable abuse of power all over the world ! But we hope that men like you like Mr. Ritter will open the eyes of the American people and the time will come when they will chase away the agents of the greedy military industrial complex from the Pentagon, the Parliament and the White House ! Good luck !

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Give a video record of speech

I'll do it with you if you're near SF

Holler and we can knock it out in an hour I have necessary gear

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Scott. It seems the bastards got to you. We need you back when you can.


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It’s an excellent speech. Thank you for writing it. Thank you too for not going to deliver the speech; there must be a good reason for not going and, given the greatness of this speech, I’m guessing it was a painful decision for you. It’s hard to imagine that the MICC doesn’t have a hand in the machinations that led to your pulling out. Fuck them.

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Way to go.

Fuck those folks.

We love you.

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I understand what was behind your action and it is also expressed in your beautiful speech. We see from this process why there has been no effective resistance. There are the FBI infiltrators and then there is FEAR. Your actions, as usual, demonstrate love of humanity, and courage. I would encourage everyone who is deeply disappointed by this, as I am, to still participate. If we could organize ourselves without all these problems, we probably wouldn't be on the brink of nuclear war.

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I have not seen an explanation yet for why Scott is taking one for the team and dropping out of this event. But, I can guess the old smear campaign against him is in full swing? It certainly is on Twitter.

While waking up this morning a useful analogy popped into my head:

Scott Ritter is to "pedophile" as Julian Assange is to "rapist"

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My heart is absolutely gutted. Thank you Scott. It's so unfortunate we've come to this point in the world. I wish you could give this speech in person.

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