Do you really think that, "Had the Iraqis come clean about their missile program in 1991, it may have set in motion events that could have led to the lifting of sanctions, and the prevention of the US-led invasion in 2003."? That would imply that the U S. (excuse me -- "coalition") invasion was about WMD, about finding and destroying them.

Don'tcha think the Americans just saw an opening to ruthlessly accelerate their "middle east" agenda, much as the Israelis do right now, with their Zionist agenda?

I mean, it'd be nice to think that. But I don't. Which is why I don't think that this oversight is responsible for what ensued. They threw you out of the country, remember?

Hey, btw: could you please write about the inter-war* period -- the Clinton administration "no fly zones?" I remember them (the Americans, I mean) bombing water infrastructure on Iraq (not to mention the only pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, also named al Shifa -- was that bad intel, or genocide lite? Are we that stupid?). Seem to have gone down the memory hole. Thanks.

* I have always considered there to have been *three* U.S. "gulf wars" -- Desert Shield, the U.S. bombings and control of airspace in between (kindof a one-sided war, I guess), and Desert Storm. What think?

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Scott, thank you for another fascinating story and for coming clean about what really happened :"I was decorated for helping kill SCUDs when none had been killed." That is further evidence that our government routinely emits propaganda to manipulate people emotionally and to shape public opinion. You are on my list of trusted sources that I suggest to readers of my own website and newsletter. Thanks also for giving us a widow to reality of the situations in the middle-east and eastern Europe.

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Thank you for writing this Scott!

As a fellow Marine Corps veteran of Desert Shield/Storm, it's nice to hear the reflections. We had some SCUDS felled near us, either by Patriot batteries, or the overall failure of them to find their target. Lot's of "don and clear" efforts, every time the sirens went off, night or day. It's a clear memory of our time over there... that, and the oily smoke/fog created by the burning oil wells.

Semper Fi Brother! You're doing the Lord's work, and this story shows what a pro you truly are, possessing the rare type of humility so desperately needed in our military leadership ranks, and as you well know, so often found lacking!

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I appreciate your humility and self-deprecating nature, Scott, as well as your expertise in analysis - particularly of the NATO war against Russia, and on the situation in Ukraine.

The one area where I think that you should defer to the expertise of others (a bit like your story above about the German inspector) is in your position on the events of "9/11".

I was on friendly terms with former LAPD Narcotics Detective - turned Covert Operations whistleblower/Investigator/reporter Michael C. Ruppert (RIP). He first came to my attention in a segment of Robert Downey Jr.'s experimental first person documentary film "The Last Party" (perhaps a title with double meaning) covering the Political campaign of 1992. In it he gives a presentation on the Iran-Contra affair, and as I recall now (30 years later, after one viewing) the associated drug running.

He did this using a set of Iran-Contra playing cards, built around the key figures, as props. It was an interesting and informative scene. It was notable, because it occurred in saner times, and was apparently shot at Sean Penn's Point Dume compound (not far from some of my favorite Malibu surf breaks), before Sean Penn lost his damn mind, and became a complete tool for the Agency. I was impressed by Ruppert's level of knowledge and understanding, and by his clear presentation.

The next time I saw Ruppert, was during his national emergence to some level of prominence, in what I believe was 1996. He stood up and BROKE the then-CIA Director, John Deutsch during the CSPAN broadcast of a meeting on CIA Drug Trafficking, held at Locke High School in Watts.

That was where he dropped the Code names of three Covert Operations, on live TV - WATCHTOWER, AMADEUS and PEGASUS. The Director's hands began moving rapidly, in what any decent poker player would read as 'a tell'. He began sputtering and attempting to obfuscate, as the audience in the room erupted a bit, and the Congressional representatives on stage with him began an intervention to protect the narrative.

It was the end of John Deutsch's career as CIA Director. Soon he was sent into a form of retirement, at MIT, working alongside of Noam Chomsky.

It was an impressive moment in American history, and it both confirmed Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" journalism, and gained Ruppert a share of the national spotlight. He used that to build the audience for his "From the Wilderness" newsletter (which had a comparatively large following in Congress).

At some point, I became a subscriber. It had fine research and analysis of Covert affairs, with not only his own work, but that of others so-oriented, like Kurt Nimmo, and Wayne Madsen. It was full of profound insights into the difference between what we hear parroted in American media, and the objectively provable reality.

It was likely because of this that by the Summer of 2001, while working as a volunteer at LA's Pacifica Radio station, that I naively began pushing (behind the scenes) for Ruppert to be interviewed, by what I now know to have been a MOCKINGBIRD-type drivetime and Nation(al) host; to his producer. I was given a smokescreen about "vetting" and a need for some 'fact-checking', but not told the truth, which was - that it wasn't going to happen.

THEN - "9/11" happened. Ruppert was one of the first to draw the obvious parallels to the deliberate "Intelligence Failure" of Pearl Harbor. His mother had been a code breaker. He knew what she had known, on that day - we had already broken the Japanese Codes, and knew what was coming. This was an example of LIHOP (Let It Happen, On Purpose), for political reasons. Without Pearl Harbor, FDR would never have gotten Congressional and national popular support, to enter WWII.

Ruppert pointed to parallel sentiments, expressed in Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard", and in the PNAC document about "Rebuilding America's 'Defenses' ". He made a very convincing presentation in his Video "The Truth and Lies of '9/11' ". I would strongly encourage you to view it, if you haven't already - archive.org/details/the-truth-and-lies-… .

Once you have, I hope that it would shake the certainty of your pronouncements about not just "9/11" - but now "10/7", as well. An interesting point about Ruppert, is that he assiduously avoided any kind of forensic "physical evidence" work, in his analysis. HE KNEW that the Government would bring in a coterie of bought and paid for "experts" (like Mr. Bazant and NIST), wearing white coats and carrying clip boards, to tell you that 'you didn't see what you saw', and that the only answer is the (fraudulent) official narrative. His method was to largely just compare discrepancies in the official statements (from unassailable official sources - NYT, WaPo, WSJ, etc.), from other official statements, and things that we know about, that can be verified.

I found his presentation compelling - though that COULD BE confirmation bias, since I knew from even before the time of the 'hanging chads' of Bush v. Gore - that our Constitution was in dire peril, and that a "PATRIOT ACT" future was not far off. Watching the symmetrical, near free-fall, vertical collapse of WTC7, was an absolute confirmation, of things that I'd been suspecting throughout that day. Ruppert's analysis was ample confirmation, to me. That was my comparatively early entré, into the world of "9/11" Truth.

I doubled down on my demand that LA's Pacifica Station deal with the analysis presented by Mike Ruppert, and others. I was given the same stalling tactics. But by this point I had become part of an email list of researchers, writers and broadcasters, all diligently working to solve the enigmatic riddle, of what ACTUALLY happened on that fateful day. It was because I was on this list, that it came to my attention that the producer stalling and deflecting my requests that Ruppert be interviewed - was simultaneously disparaging him to the producers at Pacifica's Bay Area station. I correctly smelled a RAT.

Since that time I became a producer and broadcaster of my own radioshow, and a column on the Evening News prior to that - that tried to get the information out there, and facilitate a more cogent analysis. I watched Ruppert get sand bagged repeatedly, and ambushed and treated unfairly, when he was finally given any coverage at all. I helped him behind the scenes by delivering documents which proved an internal conspiracy against him, at KPFK. I'm thanked, by name, along with my former producer, in the acknowledgements to his voluminous tome "Crossing the Rubicon". In it you can read one of the emails that I delivered to him surreptitiously.

What I saw led me to begin my own show (this username) - so that these issues could get fair coverage. It was an instantaneous hit - raising $5500 in the first hour it was on the air (during a fund drive), despite being in a disadvantageous timeslot, and having no audience prior to that night. It was a 'proof of concept', and it helped move a lot of Ruppert's videos.

I forget if it was on that first show, or maybe the next, that I brought him on with another researcher/writer from the email group, Don Paul (who has a substack as well). Don Paul was more accepting of exploring the physical evidence. Ruppert was insistent on his own behalf, but eventually conceded that other researchers should have the freedom to conduct their own investigations, using their own methodology. And while I think that Ruppert's work was certainly sufficient to prove the points that he made - I find that the physical evidence and analysis work of others is a strong and complementary, secondary and parallel track, to prove the completely fraudulent nature of the official narrative.

Neither Jet Fuel nor office fires can melt steel. There were pools of molten metal found in the WTC basement, that lasted for weeks. Building 7's collapse is a smoking gun. Cell phones didn't work at altitude and speed, back in the fall of 2001, and certainly not out in rural Pennsylvania. The initial hole in the Pentagon, speaks to something other than a 757 hitting there. General Stubblebine wasn't fooled, and you can easily find his assessment online, still.

Richard Gage founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( ae911.org ), he continues his fine work here on substack, as an individual - they continue on as an organization. Both have incredibly compelling and detailed presentations that lay to waste the official story of the collapses in New York.

I don't ask that you join me publicly, out on this limb, or follow my broadcasting career into ruin... But I would ask that you show the kind of humility and self-awareness that you did in this post, and just not attack the work of other analysts, so vociferously. Some agnosticism would reflect that sense of humility better. It wouldn't tarnish your reputation in the slightest (in fact, it might help, witn some of us), and it would allow for more peaceful coexistence in the researcher and truth teller communities.

I know that you're busy, and I don't mean to give you a homework assignment that forces you to catch up with more than two decades of research. But I do hope that your intelligence and curiosity will allow you to connect with the available material that I've linked and alluded to, here.

If you EVER feel a desire to research more deeply, or talk about/process these issues...please accept my offer to be your guide. I will always make myself available to you and Jeff, if you but ask.

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Also (this is inane, but true, and we all need a laugh now and again): when I first glanced at the medal, I saw Jimmy Carter with the comb-over (and military beret) he never had. Can you see it?

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Thank you! "Live not by Lies" Alexander Solzhenitsyn https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03064220408537357

"By an unexpected turn of our history, a bit of the truth, an insignificant part of the whole, was allowed out in the open. But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold their palms out for reconciliation: "No, Don't dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you'll loose an eye" But the proverb goes on to say: 'Forget the past any you'll lose both eyes'" - The Gulag Archipelago

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I really like much of your analysis and commentary, especially your analysis of the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

Your interview with Jeremy Nell on Jerm Warfare helped me understand a perspective of the Middle East and its current conflict between Israel and Hamas that I lacked. I didn't agree with all of it, and sent Jeremy a couple of questions and a statement that I hope he may share with you. I am open to discussion, and I don't agree with all of your contentions therein.

Having said that, I am genuinely puzzled by your support of the UN; that organization's best days are FAR BEHIND it now. The only cure for the UN of today are large bulldozers and a complete abandonment for the organization that lost its way a LONG time ago. It is, genuinely hopeless.

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You are still a soldier Scott, plainly. I have no right to say such a thing but my Father was a WOI in the RCAF (Chief Disciplinarian at the largest training base in Canada) and I learned early that telling the truth is the mark of a true soldier. Thanks for all your reporting - it does help.

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More information concerning Saddam Hussein and the Iraq war ...

Contact Report 842


America, however, has not only destroyed Iraq by war and wreaked havoc, but has also murdered horribly in Vietnam and in various other countries.

Much of what I saw as good and beautiful in Iraq was completely destroyed and fell out of order, which was good and right despite the bloody dictatorship.

The complete destruction of Iraq was basically due to the American religious fanatic … who brought about America's attack on Iraq, whereby at that time the fanatic … was able to incite the old US president Bush with lies and hatred against Saddam Hussein by lying and claiming that Saddam had and was manufacturing nuclear weapons, etc.

The American religious fanatic … was the only one to blame for this.

(Note Schantz): The American religious fanatic was Billy Graham


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I applaud your honesty Mr. Ritter. Plain and simple from the only perspective that any of us can know for certain.

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Damn good story Scott and a damn good reminder for me. Happy Thanksgiving although I don't feel very thankful these days. I feel more foolish than thankful.

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Iraq and Libya were beautiful countries before the United Satanic America turned them into rubble, just like Ukraine. Whatever the Lord of Lies touches dies ... I appreciate your humility, my friend, very rare, you represent good America. High regards from commie Nicaragua!

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What an interesting post, Mr Ritter, enlightening. I find stories and information about Desert Storm and the subsequent events personally fascinating as i served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm with the British Army, 30 Signal Regiment, Royal Corps of Signals. I moved around variously located in Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and several locations in Kuwait and Southern Iraq. I clearly recall seeing, after the sirens went off at the HQ in Bahrain, SCUD Missiles flying through the night get sky. They were probably on their way to Qatar, but every time they were detected we still went into air-raid drill, gas masks and NBC suits were de rigueur!

Anyway, it was good to read and a bit of a nostalgia trip for me. Cheers.

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Great story - some real insight into those confusing times - thanks for sharing Scott.

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Some people here are digressing from Mr. Ritter's message and intent;(Which I saw as a 'soul baring' description of the Military facts). Scott makes no apology for just being a dedicated American Soldier.

The Decisions were made at much higher levels and the execution was then dumped into the soldiers' laps. Mr. Ritter has been true to his allegiance and the demands of his country! The fact that many of us find fault with the politics and the greed, does not reflect upon the honest soldiers.

The shortcomings are the fault of the American citizens who have allowed this corruption to grow.

The problem is not unique to the United States. Look at Canada.

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Somebody is doing "the dirty work." Unveiling truth. Thanks Mr. Ritter!

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