Better than a Grisham novel , and great advice on impact resigning!

"Simply walking away accomplishes nothing,” Matt replied.  “A resignation, properly executed, can change the world.

You’ll need a media strategy,” Matt advised.  “Otherwise, you will submit your letter, your bosses will remain silent, and the world will never know.  And you and your family will starve.”  Those words were sobering.  “You will also need one hell of a resignation letter, one that can capture the imagination and motivate the kind of change you want to occur because of your action.”  

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What cracks me up is my observations are based upon my first hand experience. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But explain the basis of your disagreement—what first hand experience do you have. Book knowledge is fine, but it doesn’t trump being there.

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If not by Reagan and Gorbachev doing the unthinkable best thing ever done about nuclear weapons disarmament probably we would never had the opportunity to read about you. This thing alone is not a small feat by itself. As a direct consequence of this colossal success implementing the INF for the first time ever, you earned a lot of powerful enemies like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George H Bush, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden among many others working for the Military Industrial Complex, CIA, FBI, NATO. You were the right guy for that job with your colleagues. Everyone was expecting your failure because they worked hard on the background to set up you to fail but you succeeded. Your success is what has made of you a legitimate target for them. Someone to keep one eye watching.

They got lucky going after you because at your hardcore you still thinking like a predictable soldier following directions. 30 years later, you still lack of many skills related to the art of making friends like Dale Carnegie used to teach us back in the day in order for you to learn how to make lobbies to introduce your thinking in the form of projects and directives. For not understanding how it works in the tiresome endless loop of political-diplomatic elements involved at the UN you set up yourself to fail in the wolves den about the time of your own demise. But fear not. You are doing a great job now waking up people sleeping about the bitter reality of a potential nuclear Armageddon upon us. WW3 is on. I like your true self. You can be dumb about how to navigate among evil people but you have honor, courage, honesty. That is what we need. Even after I was banned from your Telegram Channel for pointing the finger at your deceased friend David, which still holds responsibility for his actions even in the afterlife, if there is such thing, I still read your articles and watch your videos. No grudges here but you still have a lot of useless things about personal strategy which will not play at your favor in the coming battles you still have to face. Best wishes.

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“JEW Madeleine Albright has blocked more inspections than Saddam Hussein”

Jews never wanted anything else than the war against Iraq ... and Libya, and Syria, and every war since Waterloo.

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Money Talks People Walk, same as its ever been.

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Scott, they have done just about everything that any government can do to silence you. You got the rifle and fought right up that fucking hill and put up with a ton of shit. They even threw the kitchen sink in there and it did not work. It's time for the Presidential run and clear your name.

It's your time devil dog. You'll be one of the best presidents America ever had.

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This book is going to be quite something.

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Scott, have you noticed how the most aggressive Democrats from the United Satanic America bullshit about one of the most peaceful countries in the world, China? There is only one huge coward that used nuclear weapons on fellow humanity. And that same brazen cowardice is unleashed upon us poor Substackers, lol!

Back in Hollywood in the late 90s, when I was a screenwriter pedaling dozens of my scripts, I was about the only one there who really rejected modern day slavery, sweatshops, all kinds of exploitation because I was a real commie from the Czech Republic, not some fake, woke US democrat, and believe it or not, all the aggressive capitalists in Hollywood felt like I was sprinkling holy water on them little devils fearing the slightest revolution, though their major market was paradoxically, hypocritically communist China.

I just posted a synopsis of one of my many screenplays, A SCRIPT YET UNWRITTEN.

The idle blockbuster was supposed to be a thrill-kill mixture of road-movie and psycho-drama. The screenwriter on the move, a hopeless explorer, felt he could not rest from travel being King.


Here are some others:










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Interesting, Scott, very interesting! God loves you, God is blessing you so that you keep telling your VIP story. BTW, did you know that supposedly Cuban Cohiba cigars you mention, the finest out there, are made down here in Nicaragua.

Your glorious struggle reminds me of pyramids and a cornered animal.



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What a thrilling read!

Waiting for the next part!

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Referring to your April 7 ‘Ask the Inspector’ w/ Jeff Norman video episode, ~35:00 on the timer:

You’re welcome to discount my opinion, which is that your rendition of Israel’s creation is shockingly ignorant, if not outright antisemitic. It is so far off that I can only assume there is some antisemitism involved or, conversely, some strong pro-Arab bias involved to such an extent that you are blind to historical reality.

If you are at all open to anything that might contradict your stance, you might consider reading ‘Promise and Fulfillment: Palestine 1917-1949’ by Arthur Koestler, just for starters.

Based on what I heard you say, and your emphatic opinion on the subject, I have a little hope this, or any other book,

will have any impact on you. Pity.

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Really wonderful, Scott! x

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Thank you Scott Ritter.

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Thank you !!

IMPORTANT -- Decisive proof that J6 riot was FBI-DNC choreographed – Ray Epps now defended by Democrat machine and key Dem and FBI lawyers

March 31, 2023 -- https://www.revolver.news/2023/03/desperate-ray-epps-enlists-notorious-dem-clinton-operatives-to-threaten-tucker-and-revolver-news-for-j6-reporting/

April 6, 2023 -- https://rumble.com/v2gm06s-equal-justice-is-dead-live-with-revolver-news-founder-darren-beattie-trigge.html

Seeing now everything about US “Empire of Lies”, including thanks to courageous Elon Musk and Twitter Files, it is beyond doubt that 2020 and 2022 elections were stolen..

US State press is paid to lie and must lick asses of their advertisers/controllers -- US arms industry and US fascist bipartisan War party.

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Dear Goat,

Some goats seek out greatness, others have it thrust upon them. That's quite a resume you got there. In the dark heart of Appalachia, a clans greatness is determined by how powerful his enemies be. .. and you've got some powerful enemies.

I don't think you're going to make it as a 'diplomat', however. Me neither. .. if I were Lavrov, I'd ring Blinken's scrawny neck like a banty rooster @ supper time when he starts talking that Holier-than-thou mumbo jumbo.

*also, Trump's full of it. I could end the war in Ukraine tomorrow, and have China rebuild it .. . note. don't think the U.S., Germany and France are going to chip in much?

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