Thank you for this very detailed series. It is an extremely important addition to the historic record, and a sad commentary on the real world of politics.

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The more I watch and read Scott Ritter's work, the more respect for his character I gain. You are one in a million Sir. I cannot commend you enough.

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Apr 10, 2023·edited Apr 10, 2023

Thank you for the article Scott. Although I was not familiar with the back story, your testimony seemed honest to me. I've been called "brutally" honest, something I suspect to be true for you too.

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Scott Ritter was an Iraq Weapons Inspector. So was the UKs Doctor David Kelly. has Scott got any Information about his Murder ?

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The right stuff.

Scott Ritter is an "extraordinary human being…a natural teacher, just filled with integrity and the most charming humility... He really represents the kinds of values we need to see in our leadership.”

Sounded quite right under Clinton, but even more so today under this frightening Biden 🤡 administration accumulating blunders and scandals as if it was "the end of the world" and nothing matters anymore 🧐

Keep up the great job Sir.

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One ring to rule them all, ,how & why chatGPT-4/5 came to rule the world;

Here we inquire the AI itself how it came to power, and why Woke Homo's now rule the earth;


Note here that the ring is owned by Peter Thiel, the 2016 & 2025 Trump campaign manager, aka Bilderberg Group

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Is there a part 2?

Or have I been asleep and to blind to find it?

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Thank you for this.

The content explains/informs the present catastrophe. It's as if there was/is a hidden plan at work from the Clinton administration all the way through to the present, and the Senator from Massachusetts has been involved all along.

I look forward to the next installment.

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what a valuable man, he represents truth and honest contribution. Historic record is a good description, and we in germany have no knowledge of these 1998 occurrences in which Scot and his friends were involved.


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Dear 'Scotty boy',

Ah, the infamous Biden tongue lashing back in 98'. The Tin Man was crazy then, and now he's stark raving mad. A paltry thing, a tattered coat upon a stick figure .. . 'a stupid clown of the spirit's motive'.

Still, we 'must come to our milk' . .. Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't already have.

'Weave a circle round him thrice,

And close your eyes with holy dread,

For he on honey-dew hath fed,

And drunk the milk of Paradise.'

[disclaimer: I was born an activist. .. and it took a few weeks of intensive 'Happy Hour' @ boot camp @ Great Lakes Navel training center before I would address the CO as 'sir' (it was a judgment call), but man I was physically fit!]

*as an Activist, it's not clear to me if a.) the recent 'Leak' of Pentagon's war planning in Ukraine is the 'most damaging' since Ed Snowden and b.) what was the 'damage' caused by Snowden's revelations?

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Спасибо Скотт за твою активную жизненную позицию!

Твои усилия не напрасны.

Теперь благодаря тебе и твоим единомышленникам, в русской многонациональной цивилизации множество простых людей знают, что в Америке есть совестливые люди, которые находятся на правильной стороне истории, которые живут по совести и не со всем согласны с политикой правительства, которое проводит преступные замыслы!

Высшей ценностью Скотт видит конституцию США!

Однако конституция писалась правящей олигархией как декларация, но не для того, чтобы она исполнялась.

Народ ни в одной стране мира к сожалению не допущен к власти.

Правильно сказал Марк Твен:

"Если бы от выборов что-то зависело, народ бы туда не пускали"!


Дополнительная информация для сведения, которая скрывается от людей:

Одна цивилизации отличается от других региональных цивилизаций смыслом жизни, теми идеалами, к которым стремятся её жители.

Смысл жизни в русской многонациональной цивилизации - справедливость от Бога, жизнь по совести, где

СОВЕСТЬ - врождённое религиозное чувство различения явлений жизни на соответствие их божьему Промыслу, которое дано каждому человеку от рождения.

Программа начинает разворачиваться в мозгу на восьмой день от рождения у каждого ребенка.

Те люди, у которых в иерархии управления собой, совесть является высшим приоритетом, - являются русскими людьми независимо от их национальности и места проживания.

Совесть - это по сути - связь с Богом!

Но это слово и понятие есть только в русском языке!

Сами догадайтесь - почему в языках других народов скрывается это.


Также только в русском языке есть слово и понятие "ТРУД".

ТРУД это не работа.

В слове работа - корень "раб".

Трудятся не за деньги, не за славу, не от страха, а от щедрот души!

Это второе коренное отличие менталитета русских от других.

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I’d be honored to join book tour to Russia on THE topic of disarmament & peace between two countries. I speak read & write Russia & English. Looking forward hearing back & joining efforts making it possible.

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Scott, u are a global treasure. Keep inspiring.

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Russian Duma Report: Thousands of Ukrainians Used as Guinea Pigs for US Bioweapons Research, at Least 20 Died.

The Russian Parliament investigation into the activities of US biolaboratories in Ukraine claims that at least 4000 Ukrainians were used as guinea pigs for US bioweapons experiments, of which at least 20 died, reports Edvard Chesnokov in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“At least 4,000 Ukrainians, mostly military personnel, became experimental guinea pigs as part of American research into dangerous pathogens. In the Kharkiv biolaboratory alone, about 20 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died during “experiments”, and about 200 were hospitalized, including because the U.S. tested unlicensed pharmaceuticals on them”, Chesnokov writes.

One of the goals was to create viruses by means of “directed evolution” and study how the local inhabitants react to certain pathogens, Chesnokov claims.



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I'm enjoying this series. Interesting stuff. Looking forward to the next installment. Best wishes, NM.

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