U.S. Tour of Duty: Justice and Journalism

Oct 16, 2022

Despite being banned by Twitter, Scott Ritter's analysis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is devoured daily by millions of people worldwide. Judge Andrew Napolitano's podcast, Judging Freedom, is equally popular. The judge refers to Mr. Ritter, a frequent guest, as "the absolute favorite of the Judging Freedom audience."

After appearing together this summer at an event in Kingston, NY, Judge Nap and Mr. Ritter decided to join forces and wage peace in response to the pernicious culture war that plagues us. Their combined expertise and eloquence is unmatched at the intersection of law, journalism and politics. And despite the deadly serious nature of the subject matter, both men imbue their presentations with a healthy dose of humor.

The Uncancelled format is flexible and thrives in various types of venues including uncoventional situations such as comedy clubs and house parties, as well as theaters and auditoriums. In addition to public events, Judge Nap and Mr. Ritter will schedule strategy sessions with local leaders who demonstrate a commitment to fighting censorship and/or avoiding unnecessary wars. Such meetings are underwritten by tax-deductible donations made to the U.S. Tour of Duty Justice and Journalism Fund, a nonprofit campaign aimed at combating the corporate media agenda.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey. He sat on the bench from 1987 to 1995, when he presided over more than 150 jury trials and thousands of motions, sentencings, and hearings. As Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst from 1997 to 2021, Judge Napolitano gave 14,500 broadcasts nationwide on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. He is nationally known for watching and reporting on the government as it takes liberty and property.

Scott Ritter is a former Marine intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union, implementing arms control agreements, and on the staff of General Norman Schwartzkopf during the Gulf War, where he played a critical role in the hunt for Iraqi SCUD missiles. From 1991 until 1998, Mr. Ritter served as a Chief Inspector for the United Nations in Iraq, leading the search for Iraq’s proscribed weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Ritter was a vocal critic of the American decision to go to war with Iraq. His new book, Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union, is his ninth.

Mr. Ritter spoke out for Julian Assange on October 8 in front of the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. He described swearing an oath to defend the US Constitution, and said that Assange is "a better example of defending American values than many American journalists."

The U.S. Tour of Duty Justice and Journalism Fund fosters intrepid reporting and analysis with a focus on geopolitical, legal and veterans issues. Please click here to donate. All contributions are tax-deductible.