Send them all. If I get annoyed will delete and change my settings. Happy New Year!

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Beautiful job you’re doing with Scott, thanks. How about an option for changing number of emails to fewer on the subscribe page if numbers of email becomes overwhelming.

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I am of the opinion that you should indeed notify people by email of any new article (so long as it's not multiple times a day which so far it hasn't been). There's just too much content to keep track of, getting a simple email simplifies the matter.

Also, if I may be so bold as to suggest something further. Do take the time to do some housekeeping like highlighting how the community can support you, that there's a telegram chat, where to follow you, paypal support, locals support and such. Make it a banner and a quick mention at the onset and at the outro. Judging by your last video with Alex/Ryan/Ksenia there's an abundance of people that don't know where to find you outside of the youtube channel and how to support your work. Everyone does it, keep it succinct, clear, then revert to the occasional banner mid broadcast.

Happy new year to the crew!

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I voted for ALL authors because I don't believe Scott will send me junk.

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Please would you date the creation of the podcast, as in Judging Freedom, so we can place it in a time sequence of events after the podcast. Many thanks. I enjoy the podcasts very much.

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....would be introduced like who is that “Jambat” (sp?).

All the best to you, Scott and your team and project(s) and eternal gratitude to Elon Musk for slowing down of our society hurling down into open fascism.

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There are so little paid subscribers here. Not only are we supporting a just cause but we also get so much more for the pennies we give! Pennies!!! People step up....before the rest of your taxes go to Azov

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I would like to thank the subscribers who pay to help keep this valuable service alive. I am one of those who are unfortunately not in a position to financially contribute yet, as my existing commitments leave me no room for additions. Hopefully, the New Year will help remedy that situation, as this is a truly valuable thing that you are doing.

Thank you to ALL who make this show possible, and thank you specifically to Jeff Norman, whose hosting-light, burning steadily bright, is sometimes eclipsed by the orbiting Super-Nova that is Scott Ritter - definitively my favourite Weapons Inspector.

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Dear SRExtra Team,

You do great work. Thank you, Major Ritter, for your bravery and integrity in speaking up and out now and in the past. Do not yield.

Regarding your poll, please be aware that substack has functionality that gives both you and users more control over what they are notified of and what they can choose to read.

Under SRExtra, you can set up multiple sections, for example:

Default (all posts)


Journo 1

Journo 2

Non SR


When you publish, you can specify which section that post comes under. Email notifications will be sent to subscribers of that section.

By default, a subscriber is signed up to all sections. Each user can go into their settings for SRExtra and choose which sections they subscribe to and thereby control what they are notified of.

This is obviously a little more complex and requires you to educate your subscribers of this functionality, but the choice is there.

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Scotts articles are the ones I read the most out of all the stuff I subscribe too. And if the other authors are on his site, I am very happy to read what they have to say. I would love to be a paid subscriber but there is only so much I can afford. So I do indeed thank those that pay “on my behalf” Perhaps they could consider is a tithe! Its easy for me to delete if I dont want to read. Your opinions are worth having in this corrupt world. Keep up the wonderful work.

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anytime in unlimited amounts from Scott.

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I like all the material that comes from this site.,Good quality writing. Keep ‘’em coming.

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Send them all - no problem!

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I'll take whatever the Scott Ritter team thinks is worthwhile -- and scan for a more detailed read if I have time and the topic fits mu current interest. Glad to be a supporter of Scott.

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You, Tori, Scott, and the many more who provide support and assistance producing your content . . . . . a value that defies attaching a monetary figure.

T H A N K ._ Y O U ! ! ! ! !

Wishing EVERYONE at USTOD a spectacular and satisfying NEW YEAR !


Freeman & Christine

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I love you all, I am so glad that you are doing this together with Scott! Special thanks to Scott who connected us with his clear vision of what is right and what is wrong. And of course, many thanks to Norman too, for building this whole "machinery". I love following you, you are such a splendid company! A breeze of sanity and decency in this crazy world. Shortly, Ask the Inspector team, you are the best!!! Thank you so much for bringing us together! I wish you a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

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