thank you scott.

Switzerland lost neutrality and most of all trust. Credit Suisse got into trouble a.o. ( i am not a banker and only reporting what i have heard/read) because of freezing/confiscafing russian assets. Following this, it seems many foreign countries moved their monies to Arabia Saoudie or the Emirates. Banking in switzerland seems to be in trouble. Big trouble as

there is no more trust.

And no trust either in US or EU as your bank assets can be confiscated on (US) " demand" , going against all international legallity. That is called common theft.

It will be very hard for switzerland to regain this trust , if ever

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Scott Ritter, please, please, please, stop saying "the Russian invasion of Ukraine" this was not an Invasion but an intervention and, of all people, you know it ... please don't carelessly echo and reinforce NATO/US's propaganda narrative ... it is and was an intervention ... "the Russian intervention in Ukraine" ... otherwise I owe you the highest respect and gratitude for your work and critical and analytic reporting, today and going back, at least, to US's fabrications to justify to invade and destroy Iraq ... in this sense "Thank You For Your Service Sir" ... best regards ...

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Swiss neutrality was voided when it buckled to US insistence it no longer maintain its previous standards of banking privacy.

Though Switzerland is not as "captured" as other governments such as the UK, France, Germany, Poland and Australia, it still is no longer neutral nor independent. The fact that it considers ANY sanction as valid is adequate evidence of its loss of independence and neutrality.

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Firstly as a Swiss citizen I warmly welcome you to our country. I am very concerned about losing neutrality and becoming a full on vassal of the US-GB-EU Empire but this is unfortunately is where we're heading. The center left in our country has become extremely bellicose and outright hostile against anyone trying to present a Russian point of view. To say something positive about Russia and it's people is like saying something positive about a serial killer. I hope the Swiss Peoples Party will dominate in this years parliamentary elections and prevent the loss of neutrality. The recent societal and political developments have turned many former left leaning people like myself into staunch conservatives.

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Dear Scott, I am from Switzerland. I regret not having met you on the occasion of your visit. For a long time now, in relation to the war in Ukraine, I have selected you and consider you as the most complete, profound and interesting source of information for military, geopolitical, historical and economical nature. I know that you accept criticism and maybe even appreciate it. Here I am writing to disagree with some of the above points in your article.

A) I consider, speaking of the neutrality of Switzerland that it has become a joke; I often remark Swiss’s neutrality is defended by American F-16s ! It says it all. Another example, having four national languages (Swiss-German, French, Italian and Romansh, the latter being much less spoken), in school the first compulsory foreign language taught used to be another national language. A Swiss-German pupil had for instance the choice between French or Italian. Today, this has been dropped, English has become the compulsory foreign language for all. Our culture is drifting with underlying English expressions in any commercial and official communication, and away from any considerations which stand for open or balanced ideas. The American dream is like a worm in an apple eating away at our ability to inform ourselves, to consume intellectually in an objective way, which reaches – it cannot be hidden anymore - dimensions of alienation including state levels; yes, even our Constitution has been breached several times already (European courts can in some cases overrule Switzerland’s law). You are aware how the media are brainwashing people in any country of our Western society. If there would be any Swiss neutrality, it could be proof that we are not like that. I don’t see this proof, from our government down the line till our communal authorities, there is feverish concern to follow all what western policy makers say and want, this means what the US and hence, the EU is advocating. It would be comforting to prove me wrong!

B) Concerning our democratic tools: initiatives (proposition for a modification or addition of a law) or referendums, are they functional, meaningful? We need 100’000 signatures, therefore it is very easy for a Swiss population of around 9 million people to have about 1% enrolled to launch a votation. In a democracy, a votation means a debate. No debate, no meaningful votation; no meaningful democratic tool. In other words, it is useless to propose ideas if they cannot be spread among the voting mass, unless there would be a massive campaign of very rich supporters (only banks or International Corperations can do that, again a western neutrality opposed influence).

C) A referendum, a good institutional tool, if it can be used for the purpose it stands for. I am afraid it is not as straightforward. You mentioned a campaign calling for a referendum designed “to protect Switzerland’s neutrality” (why protect it, unless it is already in jeopardy?). I wish it would be so simple. There is no doubt that 100’000 signatures would be reached in a short time. But what if the people vote against it! We will see. Is the referendum functional? No, if the risk of the referendum is higher to achieve the contrary of what it is standing for, it is better not to interfere with such a tool.

As a conclusion, I am afraid that your views of Switzerland, it’s neutrality and democratic system, is too idealized. You have probably met with interesting people (intellectually speaking), therefore I can understand, but Switzerland needs more of them and fast, especially as heads of our government and Institutions. In spite of these somehow frustrating observations (worldwide) I appreciate your personal involvement and I thank you for it.

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Actually I have to admit that I'm too stupid to understand the logic behind that sanctions. So let's imagine I'm a citizen of Russia (aka evil oligarch). Now I put some of my money in some bank account somewhere in the EU. One day there comes a war or something. Now EU decides to take MY money because my state or some of my fellow Russians did something they don't like. Sorry, I don't get that. Several hundred years ago in the EU we had the concept of collective/tribal guilt. So one of my tribe would do something bad and I (not doing anything bad at all) would be punished for that. At some point one found out that this is a strange concept, because punishment should be done to the one doing the bad and not his fellows, who most of the time could not even decide if they want to be fellows. Examples: "the jews", "the germans" etc. One does something bad, all get punished. Now it's "the russians". To me it seems that hundreds of years of reasoning in jurisprudence and philosophy just got flushed down the toilet. This collective guilt reminds me more to the term "revenge". Because someone gets punished who didn't do anything wrong in the first place and therefore also cannot change his behavior nor feel any remorse. Actually sanctions are exactly that: the medieval concept of revenge. I cannot hurt the one I want to hurt, therefore I find relief in punishing someone else. Who would have thought sanctions aka revenge won't help?

In Germany we have a very strange Bundeskanzler Scholz nowadays, and about 70% of people according to polls disagree with his politics. I call this a regime, and cannot relate this to the idea of democracy any more, as what he's doing is totally disconnected from the will of the people. Anyway: What's the solution? I can only vote every four years, so he protected himself quite well and can continue with his nonsense that hurts Germany. I'm opposed to any violent solution. But: What if some other states don't like Scholz (too) and start sanctioning poor ME? Actually that's what happens with russians.

BTW: Greg Reese put out a very good video "545 vs 300 Million" about the problem of representative democracy and who's to blame (e.g. congress) but is in hiding most of the time. https://gregreese.substack.com/p/545-vs-300-million

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With you all the way on this. There is grave disrespect coming from the US Gov't for other countries, and is matched in it's disrespect of its own people. That's a nice way of saying "criminal intent."

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Thank you, once again, Scott.

Including of mentioning another Sub-stack colleague, Patrick Lawrence who among first approved the “unprovoked” Russian invasion of Ukraine by saying -- “regrettable but necessary”

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As a Swiss citizen, I fully agree with your view. Neutrality is part of Switzerland's identity. Once lost, it cannot be taken back.

One more thing about our democratic process for popular initiatives. If the necessary valid signatures (100,000) can be collected, it comes to a vote by the people. For an initiative to be implemented at the constitutional level, both the majority of the cantons (equivalent of states in the US, but of course much smaller) and the majority of the people must agree.

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The US administration thinks it can do and demand what it wants because it can. It cannot be condemned or sanctioned for any war crimes, which are significantly more numerous than the current Russian war in Ukraine. We are waiting for the day when the United States is no longer dictating the affairs of the rest of the world, when its arrogant and criminal government machinery has been brought into line by the rest of the world, which is by no means Europe, that little poodle of America. If Switzerland was really neutral, it would not have frozen Russian funds worth a ruble. But it's good that they even try to maintain their neutrality.

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Ethik is spelled wrong in the picture. Switzerland may appear neutral in military issues, but there's nothing neutral about its financial dealings with the world's biggest financial criminals. Anyway, while physical wars are doing plenty of damage and openly squandering nations' wealth, the globalist financial wars are raging unabated just beneath the surface. Switzerland's hands are far from clean.

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I applaud Mr Ritter’s optimism however at the recent Davos meeting of the hyper rich NGO’s and their entourage the government put ~5000 Swiss troops at their disposal for “security purposes” (😉) but in fact this action was a blatant gesture of support for the Davos warmongers. No amount of whitewashing can hide what the eye sees. Perhaps the Davos gang is technically a non-state actor but it controls many states directing military and civilian operations. Unfortunately I’m afraid Mr Ritter is behind the curve We should face the reality that Switzerland is a belligerent in the new order of imperial domination which oversees the EU.

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There is no Swiss neutrality and it is nothing new: Yugoslav wars of 1990.

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Thank you Scott, again another useful and informative article. I totally agree with you regarding Switzerland's neutrality, and when I originally heard they had joined in with sanctions against Russia, this seemed to me (and still does) to be anti-neutral behaviour, and to me a declaration that Switzerland is open to losing it's neutrality - which is a huge mistake.

Anyone providing aid to an enemy in war (unless recognised as a neutral agency like the Red Cross and others), is not a neutral person, and is siding politically with that 'enemy' (just think how that is applied towards us in our so-called democracies, and how quickly we are running afoul just for voicing our concerns).

As war is an extension of politics by violent means, by providing any aid to the enemies of Russia, they are defacto declaring thier intent to support the illegalities as well as military action against Russia, which IS a declaration of intent, and actually provides aid and succour to the enemies of Russia (not to mention that they are also supporting the continued slaughter of fertile Ukrainian men, which will leave Ukraine open to the kind of behaviour Edward Longshanks was famous for).

Switzerlands neutrality is important for all of us, and the fact that they have even adopted sanctions against Russia is proof of thier crumbling neutrality, no doubt under the pressure of the USA, but I feel the beady eyes and twisted desires of MI6 in this too - in fact I would go further and say that actually, the UK is the more culpable, and more than likely the senior instigator of this particular conflict, if not them all - I get the distinct impression it is London, not Washington that is the most keen to damage Russia - but I could of course be wrong on that, it's just not what my intuition is indicating.

Today I read that the UK is sending our warplanes over the black sea - I fear it won't be long at all before the UK is inexorably (and most likely by idiot brit design) drawn into combat with Russian forces around that area, because that is a huge provocation. Even the USA, if I have this right, hasn't been stupid enough to send warplanes (yes drones) into the black sea area to dorecon.

But then Britain is stupid enough, that is our politicians and business leader are, to provoke Russia so much they would have little choice but to single out the UK for very special treatment.

This is likely to raise some arguments, but honestly, from my perspective here in the UK, it seems there is one potential tactical use of nuclear weapons that could work, and the fact that our stupid leaders clearly haven't worked that out is very worrying - Russia could win a limited tactical nuclear war, by using the UK as America used Japan as a demonstration.

Yes that would immediately trigger a NATO response, but once the UK has been obliterated, I think the will to retaliate will evaporate (as it did in Japan), and THEN the USA will listen, then NATO would be disbanded. I hate to say it, but I can see a scenario whereby the UK becomes the modern day Japan, a clear and serious message to the rest of the World, particularly America.

It may sound a crazy thing, surely NATO would then obliterate Russia - but I think that would instantly change the paradigm, and that Britain, really would be an acceptable-unacceptable loss. Britain has been barking at, and trying to bite Russia for a long time, a nation way, way, beyond the failed empire-state's ability to meaningfully control them. I fear our autocratic rulers have lost all sense, and beleive in their own infallabilty, hiding in the coat-tails of America, and barking loudly and aggressively at Russia, with NOTHING to back that up save a paltry number of US-controlled nukes, on our aging, not-fit-for purpose fleet.

This isn't a claim made wildly, I do not want to die under a Russian Nuke-Cloud, and I really think we (as Brits or concerned friends of) should seriously think about where we stand in all of this, because from here it looks very precarious, and the idiots in control seem to be oblivious to the potentials here - particularly here.

Again, I could be wrong, I'm not claiming to be an expert, maybe I am missing something, but my fear is real, and I haven't yet come across something to convince me the danger isn't real.

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Thank you. For me an urgent analysis is -- how long noble Russia can afford such intense and escalating war -- endless wars are very expensive and destructive.

I understand the fervent hope and belief that Russia “is only getting stronger”... -- perhaps - but the human and economic cost to Russia are already very high.

Stand with Russia -- it fights for us all !!

PS: Re St. Obama - I like that Tucker interviewed a man who shared hard drugs with him. Especially, as St. Obama's young, handsome cook, excellent swimmer, drowned in St. Obama's shallow private lake...

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Scott Miller, the US Ambassador to Switzerland

CRYPTO-JEW Scott C. Miller is an American LGBT rights activist, philanthropist and former banker. He has served as the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein since 2022.

Together with his husband, Tim Gill, Miller is active in LGBT rights activism, philanthropy, and Democratic Party politics.


Both are co-chairs of the Gill Foundation, one of the largest sponsors of LGBT equality causes in the United States.

The foundation was instrumental in improving the reputation and visibility of LGBT people in Colorado and changing its image as a "hate state".

Gill and Miller are political allies of Colorado Governor Jared Polis, and Gill has been described as "one of the architects of the Democratic takeover of Colorado politics".

Gill and Miller have donated at least $3.6 million to Democratic candidates and campaigns since 2010.

Miller has been active in groups supporting the presidential candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

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