Hope they find a solution to destroy these American Himars. 🙏🙏🙏

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Mate you wrote 1990 occupation of "Iraq" instead of "Kuwait" which I know is a slip of the word processor after a very busy couple of days for you.

A very informative article as always.

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several approaches: refine “counter battery” surveillance and targeting, engage before scoot, second address the weapon control function which may expand the electromagnetic, and geographic battle space

last option, these are complex and need repairs and parts, effect support, similar to skewing targeting.

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Shoot, Move, Communicate

Essence of artillery warfare.

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Point is what is the Russian equivalent of them? Apparently nothing. That's very significant indeed. Isn't it?

Only saving factor I can find is that precision strikes are all well and good but in the end they simply mean strikes that hit the target.

Even Russia without this weapon makes many strikes that hit the target.

It's not that hard to make strikes that hit the target.

Especially when you have ammunition to spare. You just fire until you do.

The problem is when the target is located close to something you do not want to hit. Like civilian stuff.

But then that 'problem' really gets shifted onto the defender: for they should realise you can't be precise and they should be careful to move their military targets away from civilians etc.

So, like it's not Russia's big problem that they can't 'hit the target' with the same precision.

They can still, notionally, hit as many targets or even more.

So Russia has an equivalent even if it doesn't, if you see what I mean.

The other angle is targets. What use is precision ammo if there are no targets to hit?

Now this has been going on for some time for both sides. Distributing their targets. No more large emplacements of anything. Everything has to be distributed and hidden.

That came about because of the eye in the sky, satellites. And is now even more needed because of drones.

So both sides are hiding and making 'low value' as many targets as they can.

What use accurate fire if there's nothing to fire at?

And it looks like one side has accurate fire that gives so many hits

and the other side has 'inaccurate' but bountiful fire that gives just as many hits.

Leave us back in the area of intelligence. Spying. Who has the best spying and the best electronic counter measure and anti-spy measures.

Both sides here are riddled with natural born spies, 5th columnists, because Kiev and Donbas Ukrainians are brothers & Russia mother and father to them all.

Nevertheless that looks like 'it' to me: the side with the most and best drones, the side with the better ECM and the side with the best spies and 'anti-spies' or spy detection will have the strong advantage.

Actually, of course, for the ordinary unmilitary citizen accurate fire means nothing. We always assumed military fire was hitting what it was supposed to hit.

And it is. Either one at a time or under a 'shotgun' barrage.

One last point: these power station infrastructure hits the Allies have been making the last couple of months. They are apparently very accurate. What are they doing them with?

'Missiles' is all I read. Don't know what kind. Don't know what they cost. Don't know how many they have. Don't know how easy it is to build them. But 'missiles'. Well they are doing the same job as HIMARS it seems to me.

So I'd expect Russia is working full on to make their own HIMARS - they already have excellent multiple launch and have had for a long time, it's just a case of figuring out this gps feature and implementing it - and meanwhile there's not really any great panic required because of this HIMARS thing looks to me.

Russians have nothing equivalent:


The Russian equivalent:


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Billeting soldiers in the school building, within range of the HIMARS wasn't such a good idea.

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the nato side is too intent on body count.

reminds me of Chet Huntley reporting bc and Nvda dead.

while any meaningful measure of military effect was suppressed.

expensive targeting, shooting expensive rockets just make dead heroes…..

sad, but Russia is giving more than taking in the body count

until nato sends more than detailed spec operators, and contractors to make up for untrained users.

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GPS is said to be vulnerable.

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Wow - what an incredible analysis and historical update !!

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I think all that valid talk distracts from the main problem, that Russia has terrible systemic issues in its military, and barely wants to acknowledge most of them. And its soldiers are paying the price.

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Scott Ritter: Waarom de HIMARS zo moeilijk te raken is


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V1 was not a rocket, but more like a cruise missile.

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Dear Weapons Inspector Scott,

Contrary to the unrelenting, ubiquitous, prevailing 'Russian Disinformation' narrative over objective reality these past years (see e.g. The Laptop), afaict, Putin/Russia just .does.not. budget, at all, for genuine American PR or IO like the U.S. does. Otoh, evidently large global tech companies like Twitter (over 70%+ social media market share) have built-in their own Lexicon for dealing/billing with U.S. gov. agencies; FBI (the 'Belly Button'), GEC ('State Dept. IO project'), OGA ('CIA'), ODNI, HS SIP-SIS etc., etc. to mold and shape public perception. see @ 'Twitter Files'

Perhaps, a mere '10% to the big guy' from Putin/Russia, and we could have avoided this whole unmitigated, Unholy War in the first place. .. in retrospect, it seems like a small price to pay?

How did Ukraine get the gps targeting data? I've read numerous reports Ukraine MoD 'triangulated' the Russian soldiers cell phone usage at the barracks. But I don't believe a word they say .. . and only half of what I see.

My relatively new-ish 'smart' phone can track flea spore over solid rock. I find it hard to believe Russian military commanders would allow soldiers to be talking on (or even 'have') cell phones within '50' miles from the western front?

On the other hand, I've also read numerous reports the U.S. directly provided Sat. targeting data for/participating in e.g. destroying the Russian flag ship and killing Russian generals among other targets. It's a wonder, maybe a small miracle, THIS war has not already spread beyond the borders of Ukraine imho.

Forget the 'Cuban missile crisis', however you may remember it. All my peeps are sleepwalking. There is no greater existential threat to world order and the future of human civilization, since the beginning of time, than the raging 'hot-war' in Ukraine. .. imo.

Sweet baby Jesus, I miss the cold war.

My top 2023 new years resolutions in order:

1. End the war in Ukraine

2. End the war in Ukraine

3. End the war in Ukraine Now

.. . a distant 4th would be to finally seat a functioning Congress and impeach those paper-hanging crazy, corrupt, self-absorbed delusionary suicidal SOBs in the White house before it's too late.




5. peace on earth and goodwill towards man.

*Carry on. ..

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Thanks a lot !!!

FYI - a great interview with Rumble CEO on TC Today: "The Rise of Rumble"

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Thorough research is a delight to read and so in contrast with the fantasy of truth presented elsewhere . Even a logical conclusion is then possible !

Looks as if the HIMAR system has proven itself to be weapon of choice others will begin to copy.

A replay of WW2 coming up for England it can do nothing about when Germany just for fun takes retribution for Nordstream 2 and it’s stupendous financial losses as a American vassal state.

Just joking.

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Jan 6, 2023·edited Jan 6, 2023

Thanks Scott for the enlightening historical perspective.

In Israel we are all too familiar with this issue:

In the numerous cycles of violence between Israel and Gaza, I don't think Israel was ever able to significantly diminish rocket fire on its territory, not to mention stopping it. And here we are talking about the strongest and most sophisticated military in the region against a non state actor. If I remember correctly, despite enormous efforts by Israel, Hezbollah rocket fire from Lebanon also lasted until cease fire took place.

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