So many important things said by both sides of this conversation -- thank you for sharing. Amazing to me that a regional military commander is thinking so seriously about the needs for global peace down the line. Whereas our Great Leaders seem only to shoot from the hip and paint themselves into corners.

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Great work Scott! It is desperately needed.

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as always: excellent analysis.

Thank you, Scott, you have been one of the VERY few voices of reason & I hope Waging Peace is a huge success. blessings!

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It is a pity that so many in the USA government at the highest levels both in military and civilian sectors have become so corrupted by greed and power that they have forgotten their oath of office, and willingly put the USA and the world into harms way, and a potential nuclear harm from which there is no recovery for mankind. The insanity of even mentioning the use of tactical nuclear or "special" weapons in any battle space is hard to fathom. As a US Marine Infantry Officer in the late 1970's and early 1980's the world was a completely different place. But we studied Soviet/Russian tactics and strategy and history. We knew they were a major opponent and respected them greatly. We didn't talk out loud about it, but we knew it was going to be very tough, if it came to a shooting match. Unable to listen anymore to the ponderous nonsense spewing out of retired general officers and consultants and mainstream media types, one turns to real journalist and people who want to make a difference like Scott Ritter. It is telling that President Putin, whether one likes him or not, could at least make a strong cogent case for the Russian position in the conflict in the Ukraine. It should come as a pail of ice water to the American people that we are not on the right side of this mess in the Ukraine and nothing good will come from a longer and more protracted fight for the Ukrainian people. So keep going Mr. Ritter. It is a bit drip, drip, drip but Americans are waking up to the 3 Card Monty game going on in Washington and it may be coming to a slow halt sooner than later.

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Thank you Scott, I see he is much in line with Putin's views and objectives. Thank you again!

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Important point: Col Khodakovsky had been a citizen of USSR stitched together Ukraine until the Maidan coup.

The actions of locals in separating Donetsk and Lughansk has been roundly suppressed by the US' propaganda!

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In his discussion with Tucker Mr. Putin expressed disappointment that the disbandment of the USSR did not bring about better relations with the US. I will never meet Putin, but if I could, I would like to tell him how vigorously I agree, as do millions of other citizens. Yes, we should be in close partnership with Russia because significant mutually beneficial problem solving WOULD with certainty be achieved by such a friendship.

We all breathed a tentative sigh of relief that just maybe we could live out our days with the worry about nuclear conflict much less prominent. Instead, we were told the new problem was terrorism.

What we US citizens did not understand was our own Neocons: their lock on society for decades to come.

I disagreed with Putin when he felt it did not matter much who was US President. I understand that appearance because society and the governments have been consistently aligned with the Neocons. Irrespective of Party.

IMO this about to change.

Society is not inherently “Neocon.” We citizens for too long now have been successfully programmed by propaganda to live frenetic lives, soldiering at our jobs and fighting the traffic jams day in and day out PAYING FOR THE FOREVER WARS that maintain the fabulous wealth and power of a few.

IMO this is about to change.

I think back with disgust on the GWB administration. The Port Authority insurance policy ran out at 11:59 pm on Sep 10, 2001. The next day the towers were imploded by detonation with people still in the buildings. This false flag was a mockery of JFK’s refusal to support military plans to kill Americans as a manipulation of public opinion. Look what happened to JFK. A conspiracy? The CIA? No doubt whatsoever.

Fast forward to the extermination of >1M Americans in our hospitals by protocols designed for the task, but at the same time funneling $450,000 per corpse to the pharma/medical/hospital industries. And, to boot, scaring the public into accepting the worthless shots produced not by Pharma but by DOD contractors. But a windfall of $Ts more for Pharma. There you go. It happened again with citizen’s lives forfeit to financial and political interests. $Ts in tax dollars uploaded to the cabal.

I grieve for the soldiers in both sides of the Ukraine war and will never forgive those in our Congress who stupidly vote to perpetuate it.

Aid money for Ukraine? Only with a peace accord:,signed-off done deal. With a provision to keep Blackrock and Bill Gates OUT. No GMO.

So what happened to our National Values so enshrined in our Constitution? Freedom of speech and press? Protect and defend the Constitution? Democide is unconstitutional! Does everybody know that?

How is it that the Hippocratic Oath, the Nuremberg Code and personal sovereignty tossed were into the crematoria with victims of the militarized “COVID” hospital wards and worthless shots alike?

We have a partial answer. As Bobby Kennedy spotlighted his recent “ WUHAN” book … with a light almost too bright for my eyes… the US imported some of the worst criminals of both Germany and Japan after WWll: operation Paper Clip.

We are not talking about an occasional camp guard who snuck into the US and lived a peaceful life as a tool maker. Who cares? He had a gun at his head, too.

No, we are talking about bioweapon experts who used intentionally infected human lab subjects in conquered territories. Live, screaming vivisections were SOP. This horrendous cruelty and callous disregard for human life and suffering were integrated in the bioweapon technology transfer to the US by the imported criminal bioweapon leadership.

Today poison shots and the repudiation of informed consent for all

manner of experimentation have been normalized under the administrative state, but a trend traceable in a straight line back to Operation Paperclip. Widespread chronic diseases from pharmaceutical and chemical abuses of our bodies and our environment have been manifested for decades and ongoing. It’s the daily diet of poison.

IMO this is about to change.

The war in Ukraine is a distraction perpetuated at all cost, drawing attention from the crimes of the cabal carried out under cover chaos and conflict. We are about to find out more. Buckle your seat belts.

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Powerful interview! Thank you so much!

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Wrote a long comment which has disappeared. Main point: Putin is the best leader in the world. I hope Edward Snowden knows how lucky he was to land in Russia. Would move to Russia except for family and friends here. Unlike our leaders, Putin never lies, and, unlike our leaders, he loves the Russian people. I've been there and the people there love him back. Our leaders don't care about the American people. If they did, we would have healthcare, education and housing for all...like Russia. They care only about getting richer, never doing anything for the American people, starting and sustaining illegal wars, and think it's their god-given right to own all the natural resources on earth. Scott is a treasure who always brings us the truth. GREAT interview.

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Thank you Scott for doing the good work!

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Russia simply needs to explode a small mushroom cloud in the Med clearly visible from telaviv. Then it can go ahead and TNW every F16 airfield in Ukraine and the khazar/slav mutts now in control of the White House running this proxy war against Russia DARE NOT RAISE A FINGER IN RETALIATION FOR FEAR THEIR ISRAEL WILL BE TOAST IN 10 MINUTES, only 3 strikes and the surrounding arab millions will storm in, Al-Aqsa Storm just a picnic.

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Hear the other side, hear the other side!

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