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I love your courage, expertise and truth, Scott...I pray for your safety...

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This session was so awesome and hits to the heart, Scott...Thank You...

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Thank you for photos and videos. A great event and a noble man -- bringing hope to all against the US War uniparty.

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So glad you guys are doing this! Thank you for telling the truth!

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Thank you, Scott Ritter I love to listen to your words of great wisdom, and truth. God bless you! ️

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well... Scott

i'm watching history.

watching you speak in a bookstore in Russia.

and the Russian people who took the time to see you.

... ever feel like Martin Luther

... pushing a bill of peace despite the Inquisition and it overlords.

by the way... more media please...

peace junkie

Rae Kubota

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I have never seen Scott look so happy as in Russia. The daughter looks happy too. A pity Marina could not accompany him, but next time I'm sure she will. People can see these are good people, though I guess it's a double take when Russians look upon westerners. Dr Jo

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Thank you for your insights, Scott. It's good to see things are going well over there. Keep preaching peace!

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Wow! What a wonderful happening. You were great, Scott. Your comments (and book) seemed to be well received in St. Petersburg. Congratulations.. and thank you for what you do!

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Really great work Scott. So encouraging to see Americans reaching out and trying to build bridges that are own government both literally and metaphorically tears down with Russia.

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Great q &a. Thanks Scott, really enjoyed it 👍

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That´s the spirit, soldier! Scott, you are my favorite US marine, a real marine!

Anybody, everybody, try to find God!

























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Good news! On YouTube channel Douglas Macgregor S.C. "Interview with RFK Jr - Massive Russian missiles rain down" He was on RFK Jr. Podcast today and didn't pull any punches. 33 minutes but something good. I know they'll tear RFJ Jr to shreds, but just a hopeful sign.

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